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Eloa Massages est situé au  :

4 Rue AYMARD - Magenta Plage

(À 2mn du stade Vélodrome Numa Daly)


Prendre la Rue de la Brocante d'Emma, puis 1ère rue à Gauche et 1ère Rue à droite.


100m sur votre droite se garer au portail Blanc indiqué N° 4 


En bas des escaliers, sutdio en RDJ sur votre gauche.




Ouverture la semaine

(Heure de prise de rdv)

Lundi au Vendredi de 8h30 - 18h

Samedi de 9h - 17h (1 sur 2)



Tél. : (00687) 703 433


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Welcome to Eloa Massages in Noumea !

Come and take a deep and relaxing break while enjoying your wonderful holidays in New Caledonia…
The Eloa Massages institute is providing you body and mind relaxation with 3 different types of massages.

Feel free to contact and book a relaxing moment on or 00(687)703 433
Opening days/hours : from Monday to Friday :  8h30 am to 6pm / Saturday :  9am to 5pm
Location : 4 Rue AYMARD - Near from  Magenta Beach and Numa DALY STADIUM

Deep Swedish massage

Price / 1h = 9 000 Frs (75,42€)  ( 18 000 Frs for 2 people : 150,84€ ) – 1h30 = 12 000 Frs : 100,56€  ( 24 000 Frs for 2 people : 201,12€) - 2h : 15 000 Frs (only for 1 pers.) : (125,70€).     

Deep Swedish is an all around massage and manipulation of soft and deep tissues that relieves stress and tension, while enhancing blood and lymph circulation. Through strong and gliding fingers, forearm, and elbow pressures, it can aid in the relief of chronic tension. Initially created for athletes, Deep Swedish is also ideal after a long trip, to flush up toxins and speed up recovering time.

Thai foot reflexology

Price / 1h30 = 9 000 Frs   ( 75,43 €) 
Thai foot reflexology has been developed from the marriage of reflexology Chinese tuina & traditional Thaï massage. Working with the feet, lower legs and knees, this highly reputed technique frees up blocked energy within the body’s many sen lines (Thai- based meridians) to produce a deep and unique feeling of balance, relaxation and invigoration. 

Exclusive face & specific back Swedish massage

Price /  1h30 = 12 000 Frs (100,56€)
Exclusive face massage is a combination of Deep Swedish (deep and gliding pressures) and some techniques from the Californian massage (smoothing, stomping) on the upper side of your body (hands, forearms, arms, pectoral muscle, neck and face) & all along your back. Inclued spécific point of face reflexology too. This type of massage is highly recommanded for stressed and modest people).

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